just how do the signs flirt? What exactly is their design based on Venus?

just how do the signs flirt? What exactly is their design based on Venus?

Venus in Virgo

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You go into flirt mode you tend to act to attract in some of the following ways if you have Venus in Virgo in your birth chart, when

Pure. You seem proper and courteous and conservative and clean, even virginal. You may encounter as reserved as keeping back your thoughts, as well as as maintaining your affections reserved for the proper partner.

Mindful of details. You note ones preferences and focus on their demands and desires. You notice small things concerning the one you wish, and may even point out them. You might you will need to help organize or help the one out whom draws you, and also this is a means of flirting for your needs. Once you give only a little present, you you will need to allow it to be appropriate from what you might think the person requires, or perhaps is enthusiastic about, or will be useful in their mind.

Clever. You appear witty, rational, analytical, and perceptive. You behave as a g d listener, and take part in smart discussion.

Discriminating. You reveal style, course, and manners that are g d. The truth is just what needs fixing within one you wish, and could unconsciously clean lint from their clothes or fix their tie or locks or fuss over them. Or even careful, youre t critical of just one you l k after (however its an indication you will be interested).

Adaptable. You seem ready to compromise or improvement in purchase to b st a relationship, or even to attract usually the one you would like.

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