Do these sexy estate that is real pictures cross the line?

Do these sexy estate that is real pictures cross the line?


  • Intercourse offers in real-estate, too, however the line between edgy and offensive is just a moving one.
  • Silicon Valley agent hired feminine models to enhance one of his true listings photo spreads.
  • Statewide MLS policy is obscure about whether folks are permitted in detailing pictures, at the least in Ca.

Youre deep in the center of Silicon Valley where young, rich techies thrive such as the water-starved indigenous lawn blanketing the region hills. You snag a retro midcentury listing.

How will you promote it? Hire female models to provide its listing pictures a sexed-up, shagalicious flair, possibly?

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Agent Stephan Marshall chose to do exactly that by having a 60s-era, three-bed, two-bath $1.7 million Belmont, Ca, listing that came with exclusive 1965 furniture. The comedy that is hypersexualized franchise Austin Powers served as motivation.

The models interspersed among old-fashioned listing photos adorn your home putting on high heels and striking suggestive poses. The listing to enter the market on Friday.

The homes 28 listing pictures include some featuring models.

Nevertheless the lines between edgy and sexist or effective and unpleasant are blurry and change based on that you ask, plus the market. (Marshalls advertising might resonate when it comes to rich bros of Silicon Valley, but fall flat in Minnesota, as an example.)

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